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paln_is_beauty's Journal

Pain is Beauty
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All Members , Moderated
Pain Is Beauty ♦ Applicant Rules ♣ Member Rules ♥ Activites ♠ MOD(s)
Pain is Beauty is a rating community. We are the girls who work for beauty. Everyone knows being beautiful can be hard work. Some girls can't live without thier make up, flat iron, blow dryer, curling iron, acyrilic nails, Victoria Secret push-up bras, hair dye, etc. If you give up time, effort, or sit through the pains of eyebrow waxing this community is for you
Pain is Beauty
~You must be at least 16+ to apply
~Application must be posted within 24 hours of joining the community
~The only place you may comment is on your application until you are a stamped member
~Rudeness is not tolerated here
~If you can't handle critism please do not apply here.


Member's Page>
.Stay active. This community has no point min. but if we notice inactivity you will be removed.
.Feel free to vote and say what you feel. No need to give reasons for your response.
.Check out what your points can buy you at the PIB Shop.

Current Activites
Text Post: 5 Points
Picture Post: 10 Points
Picture & Text post: 20 Points
Hot Seat 20 Points
Post an entry stating "I'm in the hot seat" All memeber will reply with 3 questions in a comment. You must reply to every comment with the answer to that members question

Theme Post 20 Points Particpation
40 Points for winning!
This weeks theme is:

Take a picture with glasses/sunglasses
Cribs 20 Points
Show at least 2 pictures of the area listed below in your house.
This month:
Your bathroom Ends 15 MARCH

Shop til' you drop 30 Points
Given the event and budget below show us what you would buy
A day at the spa.
Budget: $200
Makeover: 30 Points
Post a picture of yourself, member will make suggestions on makeup, hair, clothes, etc.

Specail Activity!</b> +50 Points
Post pictures of your day for St. Patty's day.
Drunk, dressed up, eating, whatever!

Activities comming soon:
Survey Says
Mafia Game

Head MOD needle_syringe Katreena
Graphics MOD toxic_lolly Amelia
Activities/Points MOD imadianasaur Diana

Note: Everyone will recieve a member picture to match the one shown above.

Sister communities
Interested in being a sister? Contact needle_syringe